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Shutdown/Maintenance Engineer

  • Codes, standards&specifications of ASME,ANSI,ASTM,API,NACE,MSS,AISI,AWS,AWWA&PFI
  • Material science of various piping materials like carbon steel (CS ),alloy steel (AS ), stainless steel(SS),Hastalloy,Inconel, Copper nickel,etc
  • Welding procedure specifications (WPS),WPQR and WPQT .
  • Permit to work system,confined space entry,work at height, excavation,lockout&tagout,positive mechanical isolations,electrical safety,heatstress,fire prevention methods
  • Preparation&identification  of blind lists asper P&ID and fabricate blinds as per ASME B16.5 flange specifications.
  • Pre-shutdown activities like hot bolting as per the shutdown work list,location identificationof rotating equipments ,static equipments and piping systems as per scope of work.Installation of blinds at battery limits  during shutdown as per operation department instruction.supporting to operation department process lines and systems chemical cleaning(ZYME-FLOW),de-carbonization, steamout and water flushing.
  • Heat exchangers (fixed tube type,floating head type,kettle type) tube bundle hydro jetting, tube bundle replacing, tube rolling,tube seal welding with tube sheet,channel section repairing as per inspection work list,shell hydrotest,tubes hydro test,reverse hydro test.
  • Fracinators ,reactors,absorber colunms, knock out drums, vessels internal  cleanings by chemicaly,mechanicaly and manually. Replacing and repairs of internal fittings like demister pads,bubble cap trays ,ballast trays,chimmney trays,sievedecktrays,downcomers,overflow weirs hydro testing of trays ,final inspection and boxup of equipments.
  • Heaters,furnaces,boilers maintenances repairs as per inspection work list.tubes replacingof various alloy steel grades like P1,P4,P5,P9 ,P11,. Hanger support,bracket support replace ments,thermowells&thermocouples replacements.damper plates renewels,refractoryrepairs,convection section & radiant section  tubesdecarbonization, chemical cleaning,pigging,hydrotesting ,air blowing. Burner cleaning and servicing,burner tip replacements.fuel gas system air inspection and boxup.
  • Piping systems renewals,modifications as per QC & ENGINEERING departments worklist . TIE-INs and hot tapping as per requirements.
  • Shutdown documents upto dation and submission of records.Start up activities, de-blinding at battery limits