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Pipe Fabricator/Fitter

  • Basic trade mathematic,solution of right traingles with trigonometry
  • Codes, standards & specifications of pressure pipings(ASME,ANSI,ASTM,API,MSS,AWS)
  • Safety training for hot work,power tools handiling,manual lifting,rigging,confined space entry,work at height etc….
  • Seamless pipe & seam pipe manufacturing method  (BUTTWELD,ERW,EFW & SPIRALWELD)
  • Pipe fittings- 90 degree L.R .elbow, 90 degree S.R. elbow, 45 degree elbows ,equal tees,reducing tees, eccentric and consentric  reducers, lateral tees ,true Y

Flanges: Weld neck flanges,slip on flanges,socket flanges,screwed flanges,blind flanges ,lap joint flanges,reducing flanges,orifice flanges,ORJ,RTJ,& T &G flanges.

Valves: Gate,globe,butterfly ,ball,plug,relief,diaphram ,controlled valve,checkvalve,needlevalve,fourway and three way valves.

Gaskets: Spiral wound,caf,neoprene, RTJ,ORJ, T &G,double jacketed mettalic, rubber,grafite&tuflon gaskets.

  • Pipe joining  preparation by manually and mechanically. Oxy -acetylene cutting ,bevel cutting,profile cutting .
  • Piping lay out,  jigs and  fixtures,rolling offsets,lay out ordinate lines and length.
  • Useful formula for solving  piping problems. Abrivations using in the piping trade, pipng symbols
  • Pipe expansions,pipe bends
  • Mitering of elbows,Tees,lateral tees  stub in & stub on methods
  • Fabrication & fit up of reinforcing pads.
  • Various piping materials (cs,ss,as)material specification & grade number
  • Various welding process,welding consumable numbers for varios  ferrous and non-ferrous materials
  • NDT Methods
  • Drawings of  ISOMETRIC,GAD,P&ID.
  • Threading of pipe,cold cutting of pipe,TIE-Ins by using cold cutter.
  • Hydro test   &Pneumatic test of fabricated pipe spools and pipping systems
  • Supports- Dummy supports,turnion supports, slide stools,hold downs,guides,stanchions bracings,U and L type brackets,shoe supports,cold shoes  etc…..